Man's Search for Meaning

2021, Aug 06

I picked up this book solely for FOMO. No matter how well the author had expressed his experiences in Auschwitz, I did not expect to fully understand it for I am a summer child (please excuse my GOT reference). But I did manage to find some interesting thoughts and I would like to save them for a rainy day.

If I had to tell you in one line what this book is about, it would be this:

You live to serve your purpose. If you do not know your purpose, then your mission is to find it.

The most important lesson for me has been that we can not control what happens to us, we can only respond to it as our best self. Also, do not chase success or happiness. They will only run away further. Success and happiness are always a by-product of what you do.

I have noted here some of the quotes that had an impact on me. I realise you might need some context to some of these sentences. I encourage you to read this book. You will find many more gems for yourself.

Psychologically, what was happening to the liberated prisoners could be called “depersonalization.” Everything appeared unreal, unlikely, as in a dream.