I started learning Sanskrit - Prathama Vibhakti

2021, Jul 30

Sanskrit has always fascinated me. But, I chose not to learn it in school when I had the opportunity. I regret that decision. Now, I am redeeming myself. I have been attending online classes to learn Sanskrit for the last 10 weeks. It has been a humbling experience. Sanskrit is a language that needs practice. A lot of it. I wish there was a tool such as Duolingo to practice. Unfortunately, I could not find such a tool. So, I decided to build one.

I digress. Attending regular classes (online classes are a norm during Covid times, right?) after college has been interesting. If you know me, I particularly enjoy making notes in class. I am happy to share that I still enjoy it. Hey, I could share the notes here may be? That way I have it handy to look them up.

The classes are conducted by Sanskrit.today every Thursday and Friday at 6.30 AM IST. Who knew I would be consistent in waking up early and finishing chores to make time for these classes 😁

Our teacher, Mr. Ashok, started the lesson by teaching us the Sanskrit sentences for the question "What is your name?" and the answer to it.

भवत: नाम किम्?
भवत्या: नाम किम्?

We then moved on to learning the Prathama Vibhakti forms of simple words. Here is a very useful snapshot that was shared with us. There is a table in the Bhashapravesha text book as well. But I think this one is better. Full credits to sanskrit.today for coming up with such tables.


Let us practice it, shall we? You have to tell the 3 forms (Eka-vachana, Dwi-vachana and Bahu-vachana) for each of the words that come up. Ofcourse, you have to identify the gender first.