The time is right. Sanskrit - Month, Day and Time

2021, Aug 10

My mother made me recite the lunar months in the year everyday along with some simple shlokas and multiplication tables, until I was about seven years old. That was when I threw tantrums and stopped learning further 😭 So, let's re-learn them now, shall we?

Chaitra (चैत्र)
Vaishākh (वैशाख)
Jyaishtha (ज्येष्ठ)
Āshādha (आषाढ)
Shrāvana (श्रावण)
Bhaadra or, Bhādrapad (भाद्रपद)
Āshwin (आश्विन)
Kārtik (कार्तिक)
Mārgashīrsha (मार्गशीर्ष)
Paush (पौष)
Māgh (माघ)

As usual, let us use the resources available online such as this or this and come back here to practice. I encourage to practice numbers from here first.


  • hour ~ वादनम्
  • day ~ वासरः

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